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An Old Puzzle Piece

One picture puzzle piece
Lyin’ on the sidewalk,
One picture puzzle piece
Soakin’ in the rain.
It might be a button of blue
On the coat of the woman
Who lived in a shoe.
It might be a magical bean,
Or a fold in the red
Velvet robe of a queen.
It might be the one little bite
Of the apple her stepmother
Gave to Snow White.
It might be the veil of a bride
Or a bottle with some evil genie inside.
It might be a small tuft of hair
On the big bouncy belly
Of Bobo the Bear.
It might be a bit of the cloak
Of the Witch of the West
As she melted to smoke.
It might be a shadowy trace
Of a tear that runs down an angel’s face.
Nothing has more possibilities
Than one old wet picture puzzle piece.

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This is one of my favorite poems, and I thought it was appropriate to share on this rainy Meet the Teacher day.  A friend shared this poem with me the day before I welcomed my first class of kindergarteners 19 years ago, and I have read it every first day of school since.

You never know the potential of one wet old picture puzzle piece…the possibilities are truly endless.  May all your pieces become masterpieces!


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