My Adam is a kindergarter and he is an amazing kid.  Adam is my sweet boy that opens my car door. He has a smile that lights up a room, and he loves to make people laugh. He is always happy until it is time to read or write. At that time all the joy leaves his eyes. 

Adam struggles with aspects of reading and writing. Part of his struggle is confidence. He often acts defeated before he tackles a task. Adam will do anything to avoid reading and sight words bring him to tears. It hurts me to watch him struggle. But today was different.  Today Adam read his book with confidence and then asked to write a poem.   My face broke out in the biggest smile as I said, “You bet!”

He sat at the table sounding out each word. He worked so hard and brought me the finished product with more pride than I have ever seen. We held a chocolate milk celebration and toasted Adam and his hard work. Each of his brothers had something kind to say about his work. It was a perfect moment that I know will carry him for days to come. 





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New Growth

My little garden is starting to grow!  While conducting my dialy inspections, I noticed the beginnings of little tomatoes and baby bell peppers emerging from  the heart of each little plant. It reminded me that all we need to root and flourish is love and attention, a thoughtful and healthy environment, and nurshimemt. 

 Baby zucchini   

Baby bell peppers


Cherry tomatoes




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10 Things 

Today I heard many people talk about sharing our stories. I truly do believe we have to be our own storytellers, but it is often much harder to do when we are the subject. I love to tell the stories of others. To share the things that I think makes them special. But today I thought I would share a little of my story with 10 things that are unique about me. 

1.  I am the mom of three boys and I am the girliest girl you will meet. I think God gave them to me in order for me to grow. One day I will learn the rules of football! 

2.  My secret junk reading is Us Weekly and OK magazine. I am not proud of this,  but I just can’t help myself. I feel like to need to read them in dark places where I will not be discovered. I figure everyone needs a little candy right?!

3.  I am dyslexic. It was discovered when I was in 7th grade. I compinsated until then. Things started to fall apart when I was in 5 th grade, and by 7th I was done. It was a struggle and took a while, but I finally figured out how to learn. Thank goodness my mom read to be from the time I was born. It is what saved me. 

4.  I love all things Tudor. I am fascinated by the time, the people, and their way of life. My son thinks it funny to tell me the Tudors must really stink. You have to love 12 year olds. 

5.  I love the beach. I could spend hours with my skin soaking up he sun, my toes in the sand, and the water lapping gently while the breeze blows gently across my face. It is my happy place. 

6.  I have a secret dream of running away and becoming a groupie for Justin Timberlake or Maroon 5. My family would understand right😀

7. I am terrified of snakes. I don’t like to see them in the wild or behind glass. I don’t know if it is the forked tounge, the hissing, or the slithering around.  I just can’t stand them. 

8. I can eat my weight in crawfish and/or boiled shrimp. It is the south Louisiana girl in me. 

9. I swore that would never be a teacher. I was not sure what I was going to do, but I knew it would have something to do with children. But here I am amc teaching is my life’s work. 

10. I can’t believe I have posted for 21 days. 



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Daring Greatly SOL Day 18

Daring Greatly, by Brene Brown,  is a book that had a significant impact on my personal and professional life.  The book was the focus of our district Twitter chat last night (#katyic), and the chat has been on my mind all day.  I was amazed at the vulnerability the participants showed and how much they left me to ponder.  Vulnerability is scary, but we must get a place where we allow ourselves and those around us to become vulnerable. 

I pulled a few of my favorite quotes from Daring Greatly to share. If you have not read the book, I hope you see something that pulls you into the text. You will not be sorry. 

Dare to be great! 


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I Can Fly

As a child I loved to swing. I could spend hours pumping my legs back and forth taking myself higher and higher until I could almost touch the sky.  I loved to feel my hair whip back and forth in the wind. I loved the butterflies that danced in my tummy the high and faster I went.  I loved total freedom I felt on that swing. When I was on the swing, I could fly. 

Today I went out back to check on my garden.  I walked past the swing set, and I swear it whispered to me to come and swing.  I could not resist. There I was, alone in my backyard, and I climbed on my swing and let myself fly. I let my hair escape the rubber band hold it tight. I let the butterflies dance in my tummy.  I let myself swing until I could almost touch the sky. It was a sweet stolen moment just for me, and for a moment I was transported to my childhood.  It was my favorite moment of the day. 

It is important to never loose touch with the child that lives in all of us. To let go sometimes and just let yourself fly. 


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Happy Monday

I found this poem while doing a little research.  It just made my day, so I thought I would share.  Hope to add a little joy to your day!

mirror mirror



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Top Down

After what has felt like an eternity, the sun decided to show itself today. It was heavenly.  My skin absorbed the sun’s rays and filled me with warmth and joy. Doors stayed open to let the fresh spring air into our house.  Music played in the background as we tackled a variety of outdoor projects. Our yard hosted all the neighborhood boys and I enjoyed watching the them shoot hoops, throw the football, jump on the trampoline, and attempt to perfect their skateboard moves.  Boys ranging from 5 to 13 just hanging out being boys.  It was a wonderful day. 

And if you are going to leave home on a beautiful day like this one, the only way to travel is top down.

Here is to more sunny days to come. 


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Heartwarming SOL Day 11

Sometimes my boys do something that melts my heart and reminds me how much they love each other. I had one of those moments today. We spent the day at he Kamah Boardwalk. Seven kids and three moms out for a day of fun. I figured the three oldest would venture out checking in every so often and the younger ones would hang with mom. But that was not the case. My middle son had to stay home because he was sick (I now owe him a trip to the SpongeBob movie😒) so Andrew made sure to stick with Adam. Even though his older friends were there, he rode all the rides with his little brother.  I did not have to ask Andrew. He just did it.   In fact all the kids stuck together and had a blast.  

My favorite part of the day was when they came back from a ride together, and greeted me like this. 

My heart just melted.

As much as they fight, wrestle, and get on each other’s nerves, I know they will always be there for each other.  I know they always have each other’s backs.  Even without mom telling them to. 


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Sleep Over

Screams and giggles make their way downstairs 

Evidence of the epic nerf battle scattered across the floor

Mindcraft and the Wii provide an entertainment break

Lego structures built 

Secret spies trying to sneak up on big brother

Promises to stay up all night long 

Endless energy

There is nothing like your first sleep over

Especially when you are 8

Happy Spring Break


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Rodeo Time 

Spent the day watching baby chicks hatch and cooing over newborn lambs. The boys made their ropes, a rodeo tradition for them. We ate nothing healthy and spent a pretty penny. We cheered on the bull riders and gasped when they were bucked off. We laughed and clapped as the high school kids ran after calves, and we cheered when they roped one and claimed their prize. We ended the evening with a little Fall Put Boy. We are all tired and a little horse, but it was worth it. It was a wonderful day. 


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