About Me

I am

a wife

a mother of three boys

a daughter, sister, and aunt

a friend

a leader, teacher, student, and coach

an Elementary Language Arts and Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator

a lover of books

a beach bum

a lobster eater

a lover of wine

a supporter of the Reading and Writing Project

a fan of almost all things 80s

a want to be groupie for Maroon 5 and Justin Timberlake

a sing at the top of my lungs kind of girl

a sucker for the Hallmark channel

a believer in the power of sparkle and bling

a Fancy Nancy

a little spoiled

a girl that laughs easily and often

a blessed girl

a believer

a dreamer

a wish upon a star

a work in progress

I am Jessie



One response to “About Me

  1. Jill Siefken

    Hi Jessie! During last week’s Twitter chat with Jen Serravallo, you mentioned lab sites. I am a literacy consultant from Iowa, and I’d like to begin supporting school districts in implementing a type of literacy lab structure. Would you mind sending me some information on how you developed and implemented yours? Any resources or information would be much appreciated!! Thanks! jsiefken@plaea.org

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