SOL Day 8…Strengths Finder





Over the last year, the different leadership teams have done a great deal of work with Strengths Finders.  We have all completed the assessment, looked at the dynamics of our teams, and looked inward to reflect on how we can develop and use our strengths.  One of the fascinating things for me has been the idea of understanding the “balconies” and “basements” of each strength and how working in one or the other impacts our work as individuals as well as a team.  For example, my number one strength is learner.  When I am working in the balcony of this strength, I am pushing myself to grow in my knowledge and understanding of the world around me.  When I am in the basement of this strength, I can be perceived as a know it all or get lost in the learning and become unproductive.  It is important to have others around you that will help to keep you out of the basements!

While I have grown as a person through this work, it is the impact this work has had on my team that has been invaluable.  Understanding the strengths each person has helped our team to work as a more cohesive unit.  We have come to appreciate the aspects of each other that once drove us crazy.  I have also come to appreciate the importance of a well rounded team better than I ever have before.  In fact, a well rounded team is more important than a well rounded indvidual.

I am looking forward to digging into this work a little more.  I guess that is me, a learner, living in my balacony!




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2 responses to “SOL Day 8…Strengths Finder

  1. Building a strong team does make a differences. Sounds like a good experience.

  2. I love StrengthsFinder! I think it can be so valuable to know yourself but also to know the strengths of the people you’re working with.

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