SOL Day 3 Inspired by Fran…Since Last March

I was inspired to write this poem by Fran McVeigh.  Fran shared her beautiful post Since Last March today, and I had to write one of my own.  This is Fran’s structure, and I have added some of my own words.  Thank you, Fran for being my writing mentor today!

Since Last March

Since last March, I have been to the beach.11061943_10207095303759429_2021288096116916251_n

Beach for sand crabs,

beach for laughing, splashing, surfing, 

beach for waves gentling lapping at my feet and a good book in hand,

beach in three countries.

Since last March, I have become mom to a teenager.

Teenager and shaving,

teenager and playing football,

teenager becoming a young man,

teenager that still calls me mommy.



Since last March, I’ve said good-bye.

Good-bye to sweet friends moving far away,

good-bye to baby teeth,

good-bye to negativity.




Since last March, I’ve said hello.

hello to new adventures,11822448_10207287078913688_581437647310368652_n

hello to new friends,

hello to the amazing people my boys are becoming,

hello to possibilities.




Hello, March.

It’s time to write!





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6 responses to “SOL Day 3 Inspired by Fran…Since Last March

  1. I loved Fran’s poem and this one as well! I’ll have to try this out sometime this March!

  2. I love this structure. And the peak into your experiences with pictures, especially the baby teeth one is delightful.

  3. OHHH….I heart this format!! Wow! What a wonderful way to communicate 12 months of experiences and life. Your poem was so interesting and fun–I wonder, what 3 countries did you go to the beach in??

  4. LOVE it, Jessie! I remember those teen age days!!!

  5. I love that you used another writer’s structure to mentor you today. So did I! (Another slicer, though.) What a wonderful benefit of being in a writing community.

    Enjoyed it so much!

  6. Love this! What a great format. I think I’ll try this soon. 🙂 isn’t it amazing to look back like that?

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