My Adam is a kindergarter and he is an amazing kid.  Adam is my sweet boy that opens my car door. He has a smile that lights up a room, and he loves to make people laugh. He is always happy until it is time to read or write. At that time all the joy leaves his eyes. 

Adam struggles with aspects of reading and writing. Part of his struggle is confidence. He often acts defeated before he tackles a task. Adam will do anything to avoid reading and sight words bring him to tears. It hurts me to watch him struggle. But today was different.  Today Adam read his book with confidence and then asked to write a poem.   My face broke out in the biggest smile as I said, “You bet!”

He sat at the table sounding out each word. He worked so hard and brought me the finished product with more pride than I have ever seen. We held a chocolate milk celebration and toasted Adam and his hard work. Each of his brothers had something kind to say about his work. It was a perfect moment that I know will carry him for days to come. 





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4 responses to “Adam

  1. Such a bright slice of your day!! Glad to see your son is learning to overcome his struggles! One day at a time 😄

  2. Such a lovely post. My youngest struggled as well. When ever we could celebrate we did. Sweet poem!

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