New Growth

My little garden is starting to grow!  While conducting my dialy inspections, I noticed the beginnings of little tomatoes and baby bell peppers emerging from  the heart of each little plant. It reminded me that all we need to root and flourish is love and attention, a thoughtful and healthy environment, and nurshimemt. 

 Baby zucchini   

Baby bell peppers


Cherry tomatoes





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4 responses to “New Growth

  1. Ahhh, signs of spring! Thanks for this lovely green slice!

  2. So simple. So real. Beautiful pictures. Makes me miss gardening!

  3. Yeah!!!! It’s all the love and care that you are giving them. Remember! When the bugs come calling use the Dawn to clean their leaves. How cool!

  4. I am SO jealous! It is still the middle of winter here and I really wish that I had gone ahead and tried to start some seedlings indoors this year…. oh well… there’s always next year.

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