Sleepy Saturday 

This is my son Andrew. He is 12 and one amazing kid. He is funny, smart, thoughtful, generous, athletic, and the person that made me a mom. He is like any other 12 year old with one exception. Andrew has narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a rare and misunderstood sleep disorder. It has posed many challenges for Andrew, but he fights back everyday. Today is Narcolepsy Awareness day, or Sleepy Saturday. I could go on and on about the ugliness that is this disorder, but I will not. Today I celebrate Andrew and all that he has overcome. I celebrate all the others that live with this disorder and the poeple that love and support them. When you are presented with obstacles you have two choices. You can fight or give up right then and there. Andrew is a fighter, and I will continue to fight alongside him.  How could I not…he is one amazing kid! 

Here is a little information about narcolepsy. 



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11 responses to “Sleepy Saturday 

  1. Thanks for bringing my attention to this. I didn’t know very much about this, so the infographic was very eye opening. What a lovely son you have!

  2. Jaana

    Wishing you and Andrew continued strength as you continue to fight.

  3. I was thinking that this would have been a long battle to determine this diagnosis, but in your comment I see that it was quick. Thank goodness. I have to agree with you that it is a misunderstood sleep disorder, so thanks for sharing the infographic too. Sweet picture of your “baby”! Keep fighting together!

    • Thank you. We were very lucky. I have an amazing friend that diagnosed his cataplexy. If it had not been for her, I don’t know that we would have had our answers so quickly.

  4. I’ve only known one other person with narcolepsy and he had many challenges. Thanks for sharing the information.

  5. Go, Andrew, keep fighting. I’ve had one student who was diagnosed as a narcoleptic, and yesterday I visited w/ a student who thinks she might have it. I teach speech and am adding narcolepsy to my “to push” topic list. Best to you and Andrew. Keep fighting the good fight.

  6. Thank you so much for informing me today. The infographic was very helpful. Lots of positivity and admiring thoughts to you and your son for his (and your) perseverance and courage in the face of this adversity. He is a superhero for being so brave! I will share his story with my 12 year old son.

  7. Leigh Anne

    I knew very little about this until reading your post. It is great that you can use this avenue to inform people. He is a handsome young man. I am sure you are very proud of him for fighting on.

  8. Thanks for teaching us more about narcolepsy by including that infographic. It was very helpful for me to learn more about this.

    Kudos to Andrew — and to you — for being warriors against this condition!

  9. What a beautiful boy.Like Aileen said, a superhero. I love this little bit: “the person that made me a mom.” Nothing matches that. Thank you for sharing the infographic and this slice. Like so many have said I had very little knowledge about this condition.

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