The Time Machine

Poofy bangs and giant bows

Swaying to the beat in the gym

Hands on shoulders and hands around waiste

Laying my hand open on the arm rest of the movies hoping he will hold my hand 

Sweet shy first kisses

Guess overalls and tight rolled jeans 

New Kids on the Block and Sweet Valley High

Brand new Sperry topsiders and penny loafers with no socks

Butterflies in my stomach as my cute lab partner asks me to dance 

Friday night games and victory dances

The feeling of performing in the halftime show 

Folded notes and the drama over lunchtime seating

Wondering if I could ever be as cool as Molly Ringwald

The time of our lives

A moment in time that sometimes felt endless 


It is amazing how one song on the radio can instantly take you back in time.   It is fun to tune in to my personal time machine, but I am always happy to return to the present.


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11 responses to “The Time Machine

  1. You had me at poofy bangs (and overalls). I remember those days. I like how you brought the thrill back.

  2. Nicely done! as an 80’s teen myself, I totally appreciated all the references. Funny enough I had a conversation yesterday with one of my students about The Breakfast Club—she mentioned she thought I was probably like Molly Ringwald’s character in it as a teen. 🙂 Yep, it’s now a classic movie! and I hear Don’t you forget about me in my head!

  3. Lovely poem of remembrance. I hate to say mine would go back to Beatles and Woodstock era!

  4. Funny! I remember that my first job out of college was working as an editor on the Sweet Valley Books. Reading your post felt like stepping into a time machine.

  5. Victoria Nunez

    What was the song that inspired this post?

  6. I love time machines. I went back in time this week too. So fun how a song can do that.

  7. Well, I can definitely, positively tell that you and I are very close in age! Loved this! So many memories for me.

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