The Blank Page

It taunts me

Laughs at me

Paralyzes me

Draws to the surface countless insecurities

Robs me of my voice

Brings me to my knees

I help others to find their voice

Teach them how to make it leap off the page

Refusing to be silenced

The blank page is the canvas on which they create their masterpiece

Windows in their souls

Endless possibilities 

Yet here I sit

With brush in hand

Fighting back

Breathing in and out 

Gathering my courage

To just write



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12 responses to “The Blank Page

  1. Leigh Anne

    And she did! Quite beautifully I might add.

  2. Tara Reed

    That is beautiful! Look how brave you are!!!

  3. Fabulous, Jessie!
    I have one started that begins:
    Staring at the pristine page
    Prayerfully waiting . . .”
    and that is as far as I have gotten!

    Your words just dance down the page!
    Love your writing! ❤

  4. Jen

    You captured the essence of the blank page perfectly! I also think that your post demonstrates why it is so important to be a teacher-writer. We can’t practice what we’re not preaching:)

  5. It takes such courage to put ourselves out there. You captured all the emotions we– and our kids wrestle with.

  6. Jaana

    Definitely no longer an empty space. This is beautiful!

  7. Such truth in this poem… I think it’s what we all deal with when sitting down to write. It’s a journey; not a destination. I appreciate your transparency. You are a gifted writer!

  8. I felt this exactly when I sat down to write tonight!

  9. Beautiful. I joke that I will always write a post about not knowing what to write about every year … but the importance of just writing.

    Actually, I wrote about it today too:

    And look, we both just wrote. 🙂

  10. Such a perfect description, poetically, of that awful blank space! You conquered it so well!

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