Your questions tell me who you are and what matters to you.

This is a line posted by Dan Rockwell on Twitter this morning. The moment I read it, it really got me thinking. One of the biggest obstacles teachers tell me they face is time. I have said that myself more times than I care to count. There is not enough time to teach all the things they need to teach. There is not enough time for the deep planning they need.  There is not enough time to read professionally and attend training.   There is not enough time for all the other responsibilities that come with educating our children. I have heard Lucy Calkins say many times that time is all we have.  We must make the most of it. 

So knowing how precious our time is, I have to ask…Are we spending our time asking the questions that matter and on the work that will truly make a difference in the lives of our children?   And if we are not, what does that say to those around us about who we are and what we value?  Do our questions and actions reflect what we value?  Something I plan to reflect on.

Make today a great one! 


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7 responses to “Questions

  1. cmargocs

    A thought-provoking post today! #titletalk on Twitter was abuzz with the importance of discussing books in class, using discussion as assessment and motivation…and the number one deterrent was time.

  2. Everyone has 24 hours each day. It truly is about “HOW” we choose to spend that time! What are our priorities? How do we deal with interruptions/trivia? Sometimes “time” is an all too convenient excuse . . .

  3. Such amazing questions!!! I love the technique of questioning ourselves to reflect and discover some really hard answers. Awesome post!!!

  4. Very important questions to be asking of ourselves. I always found there was never enough time. But I always made time for reading, for read alouds, for art, for drama – and fitted the rest in!

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