Be Awesome

I had a wonderful surprise on my desk this morning, and it inspired this post.  This book sat on my desk and inside was a little note telling me I was awesome.  My smile stretched from ear to ear for two reasons.  First of all I love the Kid President and what he stands for.  Secondly, I smiled because someone took the time to tell me I was awesome, and that is a priceless gift.


We are often quick to let people know when something is not right or they have done something we don’t agree with.  We are quick to point out mistakes or areas that need attention and growth,  But do we look for the moments to tell people what they are doing right?  Do we give more compliments than complaints? Do we work to build people up?  Do we look for the moments to tell them they are awesome?

I challenge you today is to tell as many people as you can that they are awesome.  Let them know they are appreciated.  Let them know what they are doing right.  Let them know they are a valuable part of the team.  Be the model of meaningful positive energy, and you will find it is contagious.  And that is simply AWESOME!



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10 responses to “Be Awesome

  1. I completely accept your wonderful challenge! You are so right!!

  2. Kid President always makes me laugh and think. We are often reminded to give kids praise and positive reinforcement, but forget that our colleagues need it too. I plan on taking up your challenge.

  3. What a fun surprise on your desk! I love it when little things like that remind us to pay it forward and brighten someone’s day.

  4. This is the BEST surprise! I love everything about kid president…his book, his videos, and his view point on life…and graciously force them upon my students any opportunity I get! I’ll have to pass along your goal to my many would could use this kind reminder!

  5. I have heard so many great things about this book. I may just have to order it! Love Kid President…”And I love Space Jam.” 🙂

  6. Challenge accepted! Thank you for sharing an inspiring moment! It lifts my spirit!

  7. Thank you all for your kind words.

  8. What an awesome post! Great challenge as well! How special to receive the book and get that lovely note.

  9. Just finished reading the new edition of Pay It Forward for Younger Readers to my students and saw this book at my favorite neighborhood bookstore this weekend, so now I am relating to your post on even more levels. I love positive surprises that make me feel that I am on the right track- the more I know about Kid President the more impressed I am with him. How to pay it forward….always working on it.

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