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It is not okay with me to be average. I don’t want to just exist. I want to make a lasting mark on the world. I want to Go For Great. This quest is not an easy one, but my OLW is courage.

I start this journey by making the following commitments:
~Be a champion for all kids and teachers
~Share the story of the world around me
~Be a merchant of hope

I know that on this journey I will have success and I welcome the bumps along the way. It is not okay with me to be average. What I do and those I serve deserve greatness.



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One Little Word

The idea of choosing one word that might define this coming year was a bit overwhelming.  When I reflect inward, my list of words becomes long.  Word after word comes to mind, and I have to stop myself.  There is so much I want to do and be, but I take a deep breath and just listen to my heart.  After a little time, I thought long and hard about a few words before coming to my final decision.  I thought about…

faith: spiritual faith, faith in myself, and faith in others

risk: the willingness to take chances, to climb the mountains unclimbed

passion:  living each day with passion

release:  letting go of the weight and baggage to focus on what matters

patience:  with myself, with my children, with my husband

In the end, I choose courage.  I felt that I could tie all of the other words into courage.  The courage to have faith in myself and in others.  To believe that all will be ok.  The courage to take risk and not be bound by fear.  The courage to say “what if…” and run with it.  The courage to fall down and get back up.   The courage to be vulnerable.  The courage to live each day with passion and let my passion drive me.  The courage to release all that weighs me down and works against my passions.   The courage to truly live life to the fullest…even though it sometimes scares me to death.  The courage to be kind and patient with myself and loved ones in my life.   The courage to speak up for myself and for others.    Finally, the courage to do what is right and not what is easy.  So here is to the year ahead, and to living courageously.



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