An Alexander Kind of Day

This evening was one of those evenings that makes me question myself as a mom. My seven year old and four year old knew every button to push, and I let them push away. I fussed away, and soon could not stand the sound of my own voice. I even let myself get into a battle of wills with a four year old. I am suppose to know better. After all, as I reminded the seven year old tonight, I am the adult in the relationship. It was just a terrible horrible no good very bad evening. I thought more than once about packing my bags and heading to Australia, and then I remembered some days are like that,s even in Australia. So I took a deep breath, tucked the boys in tight, gave them a kiss, told them I loved them, and let them know tomorrow would be a better day. And I know it will.



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  1. I love that line that there are days like that–even in Australia. Four and seven year olds are good at button pushing. Today will be a better day!

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