A Living or a Life?

In school, we work hard to equip our students with all of the knowledge and skills we feel they need to go on and become successful and productive  adults.  We talk with students about the benefits of hard work and the importance of education.  They are the keys to getting all the things we want out of life.  To be a success.  But are we leaving out of our curriculum two other skills that are necessary for success in life?  Are we teaching students how to be happy and healthy?   In our schools,  are we teaching the idea of living a life and not just making a living?

This short video has left me with a lot to reflect upon.




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3 responses to “A Living or a Life?

  1. The one-size-fits-all does not fit all, that’s for sure. Great video.

  2. Thank you for sharing this video. It does give me much to think about. Have you read any of Kevin Hodgson’s posts? He often writes about hacking (in life, not just computers) and leads his students in activities like hacking games and taking more control of the media they use instead of just passively consuming it.

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