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An Alexander Kind of Day

This evening was one of those evenings that makes me question myself as a mom. My seven year old and four year old knew every button to push, and I let them push away. I fussed away, and soon could not stand the sound of my own voice. I even let myself get into a battle of wills with a four year old. I am suppose to know better. After all, as I reminded the seven year old tonight, I am the adult in the relationship. It was just a terrible horrible no good very bad evening. I thought more than once about packing my bags and heading to Australia, and then I remembered some days are like that,s even in Australia. So I took a deep breath, tucked the boys in tight, gave them a kiss, told them I loved them, and let them know tomorrow would be a better day. And I know it will.



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Off the Grid

Our spring break just ended, and I admit I did not complete many of the tasks on my “To Do” list.  I had plans to keep up with my blogging.  Get a few work projects done.  Work in my readers’ notebook.   Just be highly productive.  That did not happen.  I did not complete one work project, and no updates were made to my readers’ notebook.   I missed a few days of blogging.  We were off adventuring, and I just decided to unplug from it all.  I know I broke my commitment, and I feel a bit disappointed.  However, I think sometimes we have to be ok with going off the grid and leaving the “To Do” list behind.

Technology is a wonderful tool, and I am thankful every day for the wonderful innovators that bring the world closer and closer to my fingertips.  But while the outside world feels closer than before, it is easy for the family members inside the home to feels worlds apart.  We can get to a point when our eyes are on a screen more often than another person.  I am just as guilty as my boys.  But last week was a little different.  Last week we spent time riding rides, watching movies, and just having fun as a family.  We did new things together, talked to each other, laughed with each other, and it was just what we all needed.

We are all back on the grid now, but I look forward to going off again sometime soon!




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Funnel Cake and Cotton Candy

Spent a great day with the family. We stayed up too late, ate food full of calories, and paid way too much for a family picture on a long horn. It was perfection. We need more days like this one.







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My 11 year old has narcolepsy and cataplexy. He took a trip to the neurologist this morning. This is a trip we make several times a year, but after every visit I am reminded of the fact that his life is forever changed. His story will look a little differently than I thought it would. He has been amazing through this journey, and some days I think he has handled it better than I have. So I would like to highlight Andrew in my slice today, and share the blog he has created to spread awareness and share his story. He is a pretty sweet slice!

If you want to get to know one of my heros, check out



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I admit I am one of the last out there to read The Fault in Our Stars. I have been avoiding it because I was not sure that I wanted to read about two teenagers with terminal cancer. It has become increasingly difficult to put myself in situations that will rip at my heart. But Saturday, I gave in and allowed myself to get lost in Gus and Hazel’s world. And what a world it was. A wonderful gift that reminds us how beautiful and fragile life is. How important is to say what is in our heart. How we will never truly appreciate the joy unless we feel the pain. It was a little piece a perfection. I felt a range of emotions as I turned page after page after page. At the end, I was forever changed. The power of a story. And that is okay.



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I saw this today, and it spoke to me.


May we all be a little weird.


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Thank You

Thursday night we attended Open House. While walking through the gym, my first grader was excited to show me the hot air balloons they had decorated in honor of their principal. She was leaving to open a new school. In the basket of each balloon was the sweet smile of a first grader waving goodbye. Then I found E’s balloon. In true E fashion he was waving his arms like he was about to fall out of the basket. In a sea of conformity, he stood out.
E has his own way of doing things. E sometimes has trouble finding the box let alone stand inside of it. He always questions, and he does not settle for simple answers. He truly sees the world differently. It one of the things I love most about him. However, for many teachers, it is what they find most frustrating in students. There are many teachers that would have made E wave like he was told to do. There are many that would get into a battle of wills when he decided to change the directions for a project. There are many that would try to force him into conformity. But he is lucky. He has had teachers that have appreciated him for and all that makes him unique. So today I give thanks. I give thanks to his teachers for embracing a child that wants to wave his arms wildly inside of just waving nicely. Thank you for supporting his creative mind and allowing him to be E. May each child be as lucky as mine has been.



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Spring Break

Today starts Spring Break. I can’t wait to enjoy my boys. I am also looking forward to sticking to a workout schedule. I have posted my workout plans in case anyone would like to join.

Happy Spring Break!



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A Living or a Life?

In school, we work hard to equip our students with all of the knowledge and skills we feel they need to go on and become successful and productive  adults.  We talk with students about the benefits of hard work and the importance of education.  They are the keys to getting all the things we want out of life.  To be a success.  But are we leaving out of our curriculum two other skills that are necessary for success in life?  Are we teaching students how to be happy and healthy?   In our schools,  are we teaching the idea of living a life and not just making a living?

This short video has left me with a lot to reflect upon.




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Warms My Heart

One book
Two books

Read books
Love books

Just one more book?

Have you shared a book with someone you love today? Evan did!



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